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At Oliveira Bern & Garland we want you to have more time to enjoy the important things in life. Whatever your needs are, our experienced advisors will provide solutions to ensure the best possible financial future for you and your family.

Preparation and lodgement of annual income tax returns.

Our expert accountants will take the time to understand your individual situation so we can claim all possible occupation-specific deductions to ensure you get the maximum tax refund you are entitled. We also ensure all the relevant tax offsets and government rebates are applied to your return.

Best of all, our fees are tax deductible on the following year's tax return.
The easiest and cheapest way to have your tax return completed is through our highly secure online portal. With our online tax return service, you’ll still receive the maximum legal tax benefit and the same high level of expert taxation advice, accuracy and compliance you expect from our highly qualified accountants - without leaving your home or office.

We provide tax planning advice around the strategies and structures to maximise the wealth of you and your family. We can ensure that your property and assets are passed on to your beneficiaries in a financially efficient way, including minimising the taxes that your beneficiaries will have to pay upon your death.

Additionally, our effective tax planning strategies can also help you to get the most out of your assets during your lifetime.
We can assist with planning and implementation to manage capital gains that will ensure not only the highest level of accuracy and compliance but will also legally minimise your tax liability.
If you suspect that your Income Tax Return might have errors, we can simply review the tax return. If any errors have been made, we will file an amendment with ATO.
We provide you with professional guidance and support in SMSF setup, ongoing management and administrative compliance.


Make more time for what you love.

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What our clients say.

  • Thank you Oliveira Bern & Garland for helping me with all the paperwork that I just couldn’t get my head around. This year is going to be a lot less stressful now!
    Lisa Mutkins
    Altered Earth Australia, Batemans Bay
  • I cannot speak highly enough of Graeme.

    He was recommended to me by Lawyer and now magistrate Roger Clisdell back in 2001 and we have had an excellent business relationship. Like a fatherly figure he takes a genuine interest in your accounts, provides timely and professional advice for our business and superannuation."
    Ken Banks
    Mollymook Beach Waterfront, Mollymook
  • Graeme Garland was a godsend.

    We got in trouble with not keeping clear accounting books, and really late with BAS statements. Given just 2 weeks to lodge several years worth of outstanding BAS quarters, we needed urgent help from a good accountant that could lead us and help us in this matter.

    Graeme was very kind to take our case, and instrumental in teaching us how to use XERO accounts. It was very hectic, but we credit Graeme with our positive outcome with ATO, as he lodged our paperwork on time, and got us friendly repayment terms for our ATO debt. With all our oblications taken care of, we are very happy to continue using XERO and have Batemans Bay Accountants to guide our business.
    Hela and Edwin Donela
    8WEB, Callala Beach
  • Graeme Garland really helped me with some specific issues (that other recommended firms weren't interested in helping with). He was super patient and kind. Also reasonable rates.
    Ashley Darby
    Personal Client, Marrickville